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Food serving platter cheese tray. SAVON’s exquisitely designed line of furniture, accessories and home decor items create earthy living spaces with handcrafted products made from natural, eco-friendly fibres and materials. Each product tells the story of the craftsman who painstakingly weaves, shapes, carves and creates a solution for your home. A solution that reminds you of the outdoors. It takes you by the hand and walks you to the place you had long forgotten. The smells and sights of the forest, the flowers in the spring and the rippling sounds of the water by a starlit bonfire. In a world full of fears for the future of our planet, we need to be reminded of the raw beauty of nature. Let’s bring the outdoors Indoors! 
SIZE AND SHAPE - Rectangular 20 inches long and 8 inches wide solid wood food safe platter. Fit all your cheese, crackers and wine accompaniments on this spacious 20 inch long platter that will always have enough room for your need.

Wood party serving platter cheese board tray

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