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Meet Deidra


First, I want to give you my sincere gratitude for taking the time to stop by to check out what I’m all about and the services I offer.


I am a mother of one intelligent, sweet, caring, and handsome young man. God has entrusted in me the responsibility to nurture and mold this man of God, and I have been humbly blessed to be able to do so. Although his father was not a part of his life, he has continued to thrive on his life journey.


I am a sister to many. I am the oldest sister in my family of three sisters and three brothers. I’ve also had the experience of sisterhood through mentoring younger females, close friendships, and shared experiences.


I’m a survivor of many dark days, traumatic experiences, and daunting obstacles. Thankfully, there were people in my life that saw a light in me that I couldn’t see. They invested in me with their time, prayers, finances, and wisdom. I strive to make that same impact on others, especially young women.


I am a dreamer and have never stopped dreaming. I always knew that I had a calling and purpose on my life but due to some distractions, bumps, and detours, I’ve had to take the longer scenic route. As I look back down the road from where I am now, I never thought that I would be where I am today. However, I do believe in God’s timing and purpose, and the journey has given me perspective, patience, grace, and humility.


I am a success, even though I didn’t believe it, see it, or even imagine it. I’ve been blessed with an HR career that spanned nearly 20 years. I’ve had the opportunity to teach at a community college which allowed me to gain experience in a different skill set while also pushing me out of my comfort zone. I am now at the point of my life where I am taking my initial leap of faith to start my dreams (businesses). Since I was a shy little girl, I had dreams of writing and telling stories. I always loved to hear stories and also tell them which helped me to escape into a different world. I now have the opportunities to do creative things such as decorating which has been a hobby of mine and something that I thoroughly enjoy. Lastly, I’ve always been told from a very young age that “there’s something about my spirit” that just draws people to me. I believe that God designed me that way to be able to impart in others. This is where I developed the idea of Healing On Purpose with my cousin.


As I continue on my adventures in life, I pray that you find what you’re in need of, that you’re touched and provided with the blessing and resources that you need; whether that’s encouragement, advice, a service, or to assist you through your journey of healing. Please stop by any time and check back frequently for updates. You are always welcome here!


Best regards,


Deidra (She/Her/Hers)

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