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Deidra Rochanne  ​
Uncle Sam's Daughter
The Podcast

As I began my journey of healing as I shared my stories with some, I quickly realized that my experience in the military was not as unique as I had thought. It took me over a decade to realize that there were many other women (and also some men) who shared a similar story of military sexual trauma, discrimination, abuse, and intimidation among many other things. I couldn’t understand why this was happening and why these things were allowed. Our voices were squandered due to coercion, the lack of someone willing to listen and believe us, or just the plain feeling of hopelessness. Throughout my journey in the military, it often felt like I was a second-class citizen, as a woman, and especially as a black woman. When people found out that I was in the military they seemed so shocked as their picture of a soldier was usually a white man or even a man of any color but rarely a woman, especially a woman of color.


When we look at how the military is compromised, we can see that more and more women are entering the service. According to Pew Research, “Women in this decade have made up a much greater share of the active-duty military than they have at any time in U.S. history. Among the ranks of the enlisted, 14% are now women (up from 2% in 1973), and among commissioned officers, 16% are now women, compared with 4% in 1973.” Although women are not a large percentage of the military, we do exist. We matter. Our stories matter.


Uncle Sam's Daughter is a podcast that was created to ensure that our voices are heard. Women that I know of who have served have a level of tenacity and strength that is like none other. We have made the same sacrifices and given the same dedication as our male counterparts and therefore we deserve the same opportunities to be heard.

Deidra Rochanne


What We Look For In a Podcast Guest:



Uncle Sam’s Daughter- The Podcast is all about real conversations with women who have served in the military and who aren't afraid to be open and honest about their experiences. As your host, my goal is to find a piece of the connection & community we experienced as women in the military and share those experiences with a broader audience in order to bring an awareness, support, and reform to military services for female veterans.


When it comes to podcast guests, we're looking for people who:


  • Are willing to dive into tough topics

  • Willing and able to discuss their own experiences

  • Can discuss their experiences in a clear and concise manner


Fill out the application below to be considered as a guest on Uncle Sam’s Daughter- The Podcast. Please note, we typically record episodes several weeks in advance, so our content calendar does fill quickly! As much as we'd love to have each and every one of you on the show, we make guest selections based on topic relevance for our content calendar.


You can expect to hear back from us within a week or two of your application. If we aren't able to schedule you at this time, we hope you won't take it personally! And we'll be sure to keep your name on our list of considerations for future episodes.

Be Our Guest!!!

Thanks for submitting your information. We'll get back to you soon.

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