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Charity and I have been very close since the beginning as we are cousins that grew up together in a tight-knit family. As we grew through life and went in our own life’s direction, we were once connected again to find that we had endured many obstacles.  Although our circumstances and challenges seemed so different, there were so many commonalities in the conversation. Soon we realized that the characters and plots may not have looked similar but the core of the conflict (issues) bared the same truths. As we’ve conversed over many lunches over the years, we’ve not only relied on each other for support, motivation, and understanding but overall connectedness. We know what our journey looked like especially the many times where it looked like there was no end in sight; the moments when the slight glimmers of hope were extinguished quickly; and the moments when you can start to look back and understand why the rollercoaster ride was needed in the first place. Healing on Purpose is designed to help others through those similar circumstances by providing real-life topics, discussions, advice, and encouragement on these things that we’ve dealt with or are currently dealing with. We hope to be able to be a blessing to others by providing the same love and support that we’ve had for each other with those who need it.  


Best regards,


Deidra Rochanne


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